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Giovanni Gems Slot Review

Speaking of wild caves, there’s a whole new world for you! A deep forest filled with valuable gems awaits inside the dark cave. And to get them all in one piece? It would help if you had some mining equipment – like an axe or pickaxe. Give yourself enough cuties before going down into these mines.

Giovanni’s Diamond Feature

Betsoft’s Giovanni Gems is an impressive slot with a 7X7 play grid and cascading clusters. The uniquely styled game offers plenty of excitement, as it features brightly coloured gems that make up the theme symbols on your reels! beside this stands an equally colourful figure – Gioanone himself lighting up each reel before they start spinning to reveal all their rewards at once- in what’s sure be another exciting episode from Bet Slotlandia’s finest work yet.

The slot has the same high-end 3D graphics and superb animations as its counterparts in other series, making it another great addition to Betsoft’s Slots3 collection.

Game Symbols: Low and High and Scatter

The gemstone symbols of Emerald, Ruby and Amethyst offer high payouts while low-valued ones include SAPPHIRE, which can be found under specific conditions during gameplay. Diamonds may also appear as a scatter symbol that triggers free spins bonus round in this slot machine by none other than “Giovanni.” There are no wilds, but instead, every win comes with its unique reward!

A Hunt for Gems

Giovanni Gems is an innovative slots game that breaks from the traditional reel and pays line set up to bring you a 7×7 grid on which we hope our players will spin. As long as there are at least five matching symbols anywhere on your screen, then each time one appears, it triggers payout opportunities!

The more you play, the better. Bigger clusters mean bigger wins! If a cluster disappears from the screen and new ones fill its space to give players another chance at collecting all those valuable points – it’s called a “bonus.

To get started, select the coin value, which ranges from 0.02 to 1, by clicking on its respective button the next time you open this game for betting purposes! Once set up properly, it is possible that one could wager as little at 60 cents per spin or 150 total coins depending upon how much they wish their bet would be worth – but there’s no need because my Max Bet option allows me to do place any amount under 500 dollars into play if needed too.

You can also have the machine spin for you! Choose between 100 automated spins, or sit back and watch as it happens.

Giovanni’s Diamond Feature

You’ve been waiting for this! The jackpot is finally within your grasp. Make a winning combination, and you could win up to 1000 times the amount of coins that were placed on deposit by players like yourself since they’re all vying towards becoming wealthy too to achieve financial freedom from their day-to-day lives or just live comfortably ever after without worries about money at any given time again–who knows what will happen? We can only hope our luck holds out until then because there’s always something lurking around every corner when playing games such as these.

More Diamonds in the Free Spins Feature

You don’t have to worry about the odds of winning during your free games because they’re always in favour – just landing 5 or more Giovanni scatters will earn you up to 50 bonus rounds with diamond rewards! This is one way this bonus round differs from others, so make sure not to miss out on all these prizes by playing responsibly.

The Double Up Feature

The slot has an innovative gamble feature that gives you a chance to place an optional bet every time you land on the winning combination. If it’s Risky Business, hit Double Up for some risk and wager half or even all of your payout by predicting the colours of random cards! The right guess will double whatever amount is at stake, but the wrong ones won’t take away anything from what’s already been wagered beforehand – which means this could be lucrative if played strategically. The gambling game is known as Risky.

Cascading Clusters

Just like playing connect-the-dots, only more fun! Land a chain of matching symbols and watch them transform into new ones. You get another payout if these identical pieces create an uninterrupted sequence on the screen – it doesn’t matter how many times you match up three or four sets together; each time will be paid off as well at this speed bonus round where all wins released away until there’s nothing left but combinations forming inside your head.

Giovanni Gems Mobile Play

With its beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay, Giovanni Gems will make you feel like a true explorer. The mobile version of this game is available for any smartphone or tablet user looking to get lost in another world!

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What are you waiting for? Giovanni Gems has a lucrative prize worth up to 1000,000 coins. Set the coin size and stand a chance with a cool million more! Cascading clusters can make this happen in a single spin – but if not, look out because there are also big payouts when a diamond comes around during free spins round… And don’t forget about high-definition graphics that will keep your eyes glued on the screen as well as a soothing soundtrack or exciting features which could give them all away.