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Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slot Review

Sugar Pop is one of the most popular progressions by Betsoft, released in 2018. It’s an online slots game that can be doubled-tipped, meaning you’re guaranteed fun with unending action and lucrative payouts! The new Sugar POP 2: Double Dipped video slot has adopted their cluster pay system, which features a 7×7 playing grid to form winning symbols through explosions – it’s even more rewarding than before when played on desktop or mobile devices.


With a 3D interface and heart-warming music, this slot is perfect for those who love candy! You can also win big with special features like Candy Wilds (wild symbols), Level Ups(special items that give you coins when rendered) or Free Spins, which allows players to earn more cash without any risk involved. Make sure not to miss out on these amazing games if they’re what’s got your taste buds watering-you won’t regret it!

Game Symbols: Colours and Candies

The Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots reels are decorated with tasty symbols, including the Red Heart. First off is low-paying Violet and Orange candies and a Yellow Square green ball blue triangle to create Candy Wilds, which substitute all of these regular items when formed into groups of five or more at once! You can also bank on the Level Up icon will help you reach your goal faster – but it won’t be easy because eight special sweets are waiting for players who make their way through higher levels…

How to Play

Sugar Pop 2: Double-Dipped is not your typical 5×3 slot. To win any payouts, start by forming a cluster of four and more symbols that match up! Bear in mind that this game uses CLUSTER PAYS so that you can get big wins with little effort – depending on how much money goes into each spin (from 50 coins, for starters). The betting range varies based on what kind of combo’s created, but as long it contains at least three matching icons, then they’re eligible to explode into new spaces, which will give us even bigger prizes than before.

Special Features

The Level Up symbol is the next item on our list. This enables you to unlock new levels for special symbols and cash prizes! You have four or more of these to achieve progression, which leads to an ultimate reward – discovering all different types/symbols like Sweet Hammer (a powerful tool), Morphing Golden Wilds(which can be transformed), Jelly Bean Cannon Fizzy Pop Candy Lollipop Caramel Chew Gumdrop And many more exciting things!!!



The slot machine is an all-time hit with very tasty payouts. High rollers can win up to 28305 coins, and special features like Level Ups will increase your chances of landing massive wins under this Betsoft product! For every symbolized card dealt out by the game’s Yet another sugarpop2 Double Dipped™es algorithm – which comes standard at RTPs of 96%.

Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped on Mobile

This video slot can be played on any device. It’s optimized for different types of gameplay and offers an experience no matter what gadget you use!

Double Dipped Bankroll

The 2018 release of the Sugar Pop 2 game is loaded with activities that will keep you busy. Betsoft has been instrumental in setting up a slot machine designed for maximum mental engagement, and it doesn’t matter if your mind isn’t into slots or gambling – this one’s got something to offer everyone!